lets BLEED :-)

रक्तदान : कर के देखो। अच्छा लगता है।

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15 Aug’13, I donated blood in my college’s blood bank. I called my mother, told her proudly that I donated blood today, only to realize that she felt worried and concerned at the same time about my health, asking questions whether I feel weak and why do I need to donate blood while I cannot take ample care of myself away from home and all those motherly worries:-) 🙂 🙂

She is well educated and keeps reading the health columns in the newspaper and so are most of us, but still we have some prejudices about blood donation and many a myths that surround blood donation.

I did some online research and collected some of the popular myths and EXCUSES for not donating blood:

1) Myth: Giving blood hurts.

Fact: The pain experienced is no more than a needle prick. The slight soreness that maybe where the…

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