Intercity Express|oÑ$ version 1.0

Boarded my train, back home. Its good to experience this microcosm of Indian Railways for a while. People traveling to their destinies and passing or rather enjoying the interstices. Also its a good example of humans socializing. People stare at people doing stuff.
(Pic source: Internet)

Most of the folks here, who happen to be in the same cabin as mine, seem to be daily passengers to and from Lucknow. Four of them playing a cards game called ”lakdi”, two of them watching them play it and meanwhile discussing Modi’s rally in Kanpur. Followers, truly they are, praising him like all mango people are doing these days. People really find it impressive a chaiwala rise to PM that too not via laws of descent , thanks to democracy. None of them bother how he is going to fulfill those dreams he made them visualize. I remember that line from Shri 420, ” main ghar naheen bench raha hoon Raaj, ek sapna neelam kar raha hoon”. These politicians do it always, nothing new here.
Besides me is sitting a less privileged geek kinds,…holding one end of the cloth which has been made the temporary table fir the local casino here,…and a LEMON (for not all can afford an Apple©),…browsing the web and he just updated the lot with Dhoni’s score,…I can connect to him the most, because that is what I am often doing,…sitting amongst people, indifferently scrolling,…and that was what made me write the blog Post,…Yes, I wanted to tell the world that there are many of my kind, though not everyone of them got to be me. Many whom the world will never acknowledge. And and this guy’s kinda funny. His appearance crazy, hairs undone and smiles a lot. He’s happy and I like it.
Reached Unnao, he left. I won’t miss him. No I won’t. I don’t know him and I simply presented my prejudiced version of him to the world. I will be doing more of that in future posts.
Infact all of them left. New passengers boarded the train.
A child is here, 10-12 years young,…selling fresh coconut pieces. Entrepreneur in making or may be next Modi, a compromised childhood is all I can see.
I often travel through these trains. Every time a newer dimension, somwhere in the Bharat and India, and its fun to watch people living these interstices. Many prefer to sleep
through, if the space allows. I am one of them in fact.
Chhaddo yaar.
Over and out.
🙂 🙂 🙂
P.S. I forgot to mention, the LEMON guy was using a small stick to push the keys of D-pad, which was absent eventually. 😛


2 टिप्पणियाँ

  1. parbinva · अक्टूबर 19, 2013

    I posted it on the wrong blog,…this one was intended for parbinva’s blog 😛

  2. Abhishek Pandey · अक्टूबर 20, 2013

    Brother : I always think that a gud writer is one who has power to narrate things to other as they are present there seeing things with there own eyes. …personnel touches are the one which are welcomed in future ……also…

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